Cooked wine

This is a traditional product of the local rural culture. Vino cotto is obtained by boiling must from different species of grapes, on a wood fire, in a copper cauldron, until there is a significant reduction in the original volume.
It is then left to ferment into small wooden barrels for at least 5 years. It has a characteristic golden brown colour and has a sweet honey taste with a rich scent.

A little bit oh history

Ancient Romans used to enjoy Vino Cotto during their well-known banquets. It is delicious served at room temperature to accompany biscuits (cantucci and anicini). An old tradition suggests to drink it very hot and with small sips as a natural remedy against colds and flu symptoms. And if you need a “tonic” you could simply add it to an egg yolk.

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Fruit in Syrup

Our fruit is grown and processed following long standing rural traditions. In particular, we follow these steps: harvest, selection and wash, peeling (when needed), weighting, addition of water, sugar and lemon juice, closure of the glass jars and boiling over a bain-marie that creates a vacuum inside the jars providing a natural preservation method and finally labelling.

Processing the fruit by hand, allows us to check every single piece and it guarantees the highest quality. All our recipes do not use colourings or preservatives.

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There is no better way to start the day than eating a healthy and genuine product like our preserves. We only choose the ripest fruit that maintains its full flavor throughout the year. Our recipes do not use colourings and preservatives and contain 90% of fruit. They come from a deep love of our land and the search of simplicity of old rural traditions.
40 gr and 25 gr jars are particularly recommended for breakfast.
We suggest to use our onion preserve with roasts and spicy cheeses. Nashi preserve instead, is perfect on sweeter cheeses.

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Cooked Grape Must

After pressing the grapes, the must is slow-cooked on a constant temperature.
By following this process a sugary juice is obtained that is perfect to serve on traditional desserts.
Cooked must is so versatile that it can also be used over polenta, to add flavor to roasts, to reduce the acidity in a tomato sauce or you can even enjoy it as a refreshing drink, just by adding water (tamarindo).

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The Mediterranean diet uses succulent tomatoes in many ways, in particular fresh ones.

During the winter, you can still prepare your favourite dishes using Peeled and Pressed tomatoes. They are hand made following old traditional methods without the addition of colouring and preservatives.

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We produce pasta and flour using the best soft wheat grains and following traditional methods.

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Evo Oil

This is without doubt the most important ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. It is considered a life savior in nutrition. Our extra virgin olive oil is made using the best olives, which are hand-picked and cold pressed using stone grinders.
To enhance its natural qualities use it raw on salads, dressings and more. It is also great for frying.

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Gift Baskets

Whether it is for a festive occasion, an anniversary, a gift or just for your own pleasure, you can always order our lush gift baskets.
You can be sure that they will be a delight for the palate, but also for the eye, due to the quality of the products and the exclusiveness of the compositions.

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Taster Offers

The Catalini Farm offers its clients the possibility to try different combinations of products at special prices.

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